Thursday, July 29, 2010

Among the Boats

Wednesday, I made like luggage and accompanied Jason in the car on his trip to Chicago. He had a presentation to give Thursday morning in a hotel downtown. Audrey was craving some time with her Grammy. Nate took his big sister's lead. I took a night off. I spent part of my night with the sailboats hovering along the bank of Lake Michigan, just beyond Lakeshore Drive where I walked hand-in-hand with my handsome husband. Sailboats pull me in like gusts of wind eager to propel them onward, as do window seats like the one I found myself cozying into in our hotel room to gaze upon the city lights, an evening of Mexican food and margaritas, and a walk downtown with one hand in my husband's and the other wrapped around a waffle cone. But no sail is quite as reaching or wind quite as strong as the one that leads us home to the little blond squealing as she opens the door to greet us and her little brother, a bundle of smiles just waiting inside. No fleet of sailboats could keep us away.

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