Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When Mama Takes a Sick Day

We've all had those days. You've had a great time hanging out with friends. You get home and get the kids tucked into bed. You feel fantastic - until, suddenly, you don't. Of course, when they wake up in the morning, the children who went to bed with a completely healthy mama, are a bit confused. But soon, they see an opportunity.

When mama takes a sick day, Audrey takes over. She begins the day creating a tablecloth and place mat-lined pathway through the kitchen on which to host a dance party for herself and her brother.

She makes her own breakfast: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, heavy on the blueberry preserves, with an extra layer on the top slice of bread. "You've never seen a sandwich like this," she says taking a big bite. She's right.

She gets her story time in with Scholastic's Video Collection and a little side-by-side coloring in mama's bed, in which she directs which colors should go where on the pages of her new Disney coloring book (thanks, Boo & Beth!) while Nate naps. I hear her in the kitchen with Daddy once he gets home, helping him make me some noodles in chicken stock. Nate toddles over to couch and rubs his forehead into my side trying to snuggle. And, we get by, the kitchen a bit messier than normal, the had-been plans for the day put on hold for a little while. As for me, I think I turned a corner last night. I'm braving toast this morning, hoping for the best. I have kids to get back to chasing and dancing parties to join.

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