Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, I Mean, Ice Day

We spent most of our day tucked away warmly inside, living in gratitude of a solid roof, a stocked pantry, the coziness that comes with heat, and the thankful calm of having all our family members safe, right here. But for a little while, two of us ventured out, cup of birdseed and camera in hand, to share some of our good fortune with those that share our little yard and to take in the splendor of mother nature - her power, her magnitude, her ever-changing face. These short forays out are so necessary sometimes to remind me, who tends to whine when I get cold, of the everyday miracles we get to witness - of the gifts of our hands and our eyes, those tangible moments that become our memories. (And just why is my daughter wearing a bicycle helmet, you ask? I told her she could "skate" across the ice if she put it on, and I pulled her in the sled across the smooth plane of our yard that was once grass. She begged me to go faster, and the two of us laughed until our cheeks burned red and another round of sleet drew us in to the coziness we're blessed to call home). Wishing you warmth and the splendor of winter.

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