Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This week

Between a little man pulling long hours cutting teeth and fighting congestion, a trip home to begin the process of reading applications for an annual family event, and attempting to fit in those things that make our days feel like our own, the computer has been a bit idle this week. So here's a little recap of the week so far and the ways in which I've been spending my time:

Seeing :: (and cleaning up) a lot of mud. It may be in the mid-thirties, but a certain someone has convinced herself that these are the early days of summer, which means she wants to be in the garden, come what may. Turns out, "what may" is mud - lots of mud, on shoes, pants, door frames, and rugs. The late-afternoon bath has become a bit of a ritual this week as we take our mud parties to the bathtub, exchanging garden trowels for boats with water spouts and our dirt-showered hats for a dab of shampoo.

Imagining :: this one sailing down Niagara Falls in her newfangled, ahem, costume.

Reading :: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and finding myself amazed, yet again, at the stranger-than-fiction life of an "ordinary" woman and the value of a mother.

Trying :: a new pencil grip to hopefully improve Audrey's writing grip, which is typically a fist. (And, grateful for the free tracing pages here - thanks for the link, Jenny!)

Sharing :: my snack space with elephant and our latest creation, The Giant Apatosaurus Model, found in Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs by Kathy Ross. The dinosaur (christened Miss Ruby and carried everywhere by her doting owner) is supposed to be covered by an old t-shirt decoupaged to the cardboard using a glue solution, but that's a step I think can wait for a warm day and tablecloth outside.

In awe :: of all the dinosaur teaching aids used by this resourceful mama.

Ready (or not so ready) :: to attempt a new, to me, knitting technique that will bring a project to completion.

Hoping :: for a few more hours of sleep, and many more of the smiles, laughs, and hugs that make these sleep-deprived hours so worth staying up for.

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