Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Nate, at One

Before you, I felt sorry for those born in December - their birthdays tossed in with Christmas celebrations, their presents all wrapped in red and green. But as you grow, unwrapping yourself to us a piece at a time, I realize that you could not have been born at any other time. You are like the Christmas tree, signaling that I am no ordinary creation, something special is about to happen here. Be patient. Wait. See. You beckon us with your light, warming us with the joy you naturally exude. We are captivated, caught up in your spirit, the spark of your laughter, the energy of your hands. It is our gift to watch you grow. Our ordinary days, our Decembers, and our lives are brighter simply because you joined us one winter day, not that long ago. Happy Birthday, baby.


  1. Happy Birthday Nate!!! I can't believe he is already 1!

  2. Ok...that totally made me tear up! Happy birthday Nate! (You know you have an amazing Mama, don't you?)