Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Future

Before we close the door on the Christmas festivities of this year and move on to the projects and celebrations of the year to come, I wanted to note a few projects, recipes, and ideas that have me inspired for Christmas future. These things didn't fit into our holiday plans (or skill sets, in some cases) this year, but perhaps, a Christmas soon:

This Christmas tree garland made by Stephanie at 3191 Miles Apart is simple and sweet, and one I think Audrey could help me make once she masters scissors. It also doesn't hurt that it's lightweight and unbreakable, considering we're going to have little feet running circles around our trees for several years.

Another project that might take a year or two for us to develop the necessary small motor skills to accomplish is Geninne's Bird Ornament. I think Audrey would love having a few of these little guys perched in a future tree.

As we embark on each new year of "family life" together, with each new addition, adventure, or interest that we welcome, one thought (and one goal) seems to constantly call to me: simplify. I pray for simplicity, I meditate on it, I read books about it, and I seek ways incorporate it into our days so that the little things that matter so much don't get buried by the whirlwind of busy knocking on our door each morning. While this idea would take some work on the front-end, I love the simplicity it would afford us later. Amanda at Soule Mama posted instructions for making Fabric Gift Bags - bags that get used year after year for the gifts under your tree. I have a stash of gift wrap that was given to me for free several years ago. I'm still making my way through the stash. But, I love the idea of tossing gifts into cloth bags and tying the attached ribbons tight around them - no wrapping. No paper to clean up and recycle after, just fold the cloth bags up, store them, and pull them out the next year. Simple. Love it.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without food to fill the stomach and warm the soul. I found two recipes this year that I would love to try sometime. The first, Overnight Caramel Pecan Rolls, say they can be made in the bread machine. My vision goes a little like this: the bread machine does the work for me Christmas Eve, I tuck the raised doughy rolls into the fridge for a good night's sleep, then pop them in the oven Christmas morning to cook as the kids open their gifts. Right around the time they open their last presents, smells of cinnamon and caramel flood the kitchen signaling breakfast. It's almost like Santa brought them, himself.

The second, posted by Christina at Soul Aperture, is for cinnamon honey butter. It seems to me, if you're going to eat warm bread with a little something special on top, what better time than Christmas?

That's it for this year's future Christmas inspiration list. I made a similar list last year. And, while I completely forgot about the list until well into the Christmas season, we did manage to try out something on the list for our Christmas this year. So here's to hoping some of these ideas will be revisited next December, or sooner.

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