Friday, May 21, 2010

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 71

I happened upon a familiar face yesterday at the park - the face of the little lady you see pictured above. I met her for the first time last year in the same exact spot. I believe she has a full nest nearby, since she squawked and spread her light tail feathers to make herself as wide as possible when we got too close, but refused to fly away.

I feel a little like that bird this week, only more shabbily dressed (seriously, get a load of the striped turtleneck on that one). I have tried not to squawk or ruffle my feathers at anyone, but I have felt a bit protective of my territory this week, of house and time. I tend to become this bird following illness or trips or an overscheduled week, eager to regain that sanctuary sense of home where peace and order reside (even if it's only my chaotic order and peace between football maneuvers practiced on unsuspecting infant brothers). Not to say that the events on the calendar this week weren't fun or necessary or that the house wasn't in need of the major cleaning it got Wednesday during Audrey's last day of school for the year. But today, looking at nothing but empty lines in the calendar box felt a little like exhaling one long breath. The day ended up leading to the library, but the magical thing is, it could have gone anywhere or no where at all. We had time for all the impromptu places a day can lead: the slow morning cuddle in mama's bed, a favorite doll's birthday party complete with leftover cupcakes, an escape to the playroom for a make-believe trip to the doctor's office, and as always, a trip down memory lane. Some of the week's more memorable moments:

Monday morning, Audrey said, "Is it a sad day? But it's not a sad day for you because I'm with you. It's a sad day for someone else."

Thursday, I discovered that, perhaps, we've been driving a rather hard line on the "don't use too much toilet paper" explanations when Audrey announced, "I only just used two toilet papers so I don't break the whole house."

We often listen to children's CDs while riding in the car. Thursday, I was playing one that featured one adult and several children singing. "His kids don't sing very good, do they?" Audrey critiqued from the backseat.

Today at lunchtime, I told her I'd make her a ham sandwich, since ham is one of the few things she likes to eat. "I want peanut butter and jelly," she said (by which, she typically means she only wants jelly). "And I want peanut butter on it with the jelly. And I'm going to eat the peanut butter just for you." Then a huge grin swept across her face. (And, she did eat the peanut butter on that sandwich, although, later she informed me that she did not like it).

En route to the library today Audrey asked, "Mom, do you know what color my fart is?" I asked her what color she thought it was. "Green. Or yellow. Or pink. Or purple. Or red."

Yes folks, it's all about minimum toilet paper usage and rainbow farts for us this week. That, and a little boy who can't fall asleep because he has hiccups from laughing at mama repeatedly kissing his neck. I think we may have found our way back to the nest. Wishing you all a bit of sanctuary this weekend...

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  1. So I was curious what bird your little friend might be, she looked like some sandpiper or something, a bit out of place in Indiana. I found a site,, and I think she might be a Piping Plover. Which means she's an Endangered Species!