Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A few places that found my focus today:

Food:: thinking about not only how our food nourishes our bodies, but how it can nourish our family a bit more as well. Focusing on how to bring Audrey into the daily processes of preparing our evening meal, with all her fingers intact.

Creating moments:: finding new ways to celebrate the every day. This week, I began a ritual of lighting a candle before dinner. It's a small gesture, and yet, there is something a bit magical about the glow of a candle. It softens a room. It creates a pause. It causes you to notice the ones sitting in its cast-off light, as if to say, I have sought you out. Come close. Be warm. (It also makes broccoli vanish off the plate of a three-year-old who has been told she can blow out said candle if she eats her veggies. I told you, magic).

Mending:: broken puzzles, the boo-boos of my little ones, and myself. (My sinus infection is clearing up, now if only I didn't have to finish the last nine pills of the healing antibiotic, which I've discovered makes me queasy. Oh, sweet Tuesday, come fast)!

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