Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doodle Me This

Don't you love those earliest pictures - networks of lines, circles, and dots. Audrey created this little guy over the weekend. We had put down a couple paper grocery bags (when I forget my cloth bags, I always grab the paper bags for their artistic possibilities) to protect the table from stamping. The stamping of a card finished, we began doodling on the bags. I love how the same simple shapes can create such different little creatures. I love the confidence with which little ones draw. Most of all, I love the stories - that these are not simply lines and circles, but creations with motive, background, and thought. From what I remember this one above was a rather mean guy, with loads of arms for dirty deeds like snatching others' presents. Who knew an orange crayon could do all that?

*What are those crayons, you ask? They are called Crayon Rocks, made of soy and designed specifically to strengthen little ones' hands. Love them. Thanks for the gift, Aunt Ashley!

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