Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Transit

Today we dropped by the post office to send off a special package. My cousin's wife gave birth to twins last week: a boy and girl. The twins are nine weeks early, but are proving to be little fighters and are doing well. We have been thinking of them often - this week and for months before their arrival.

I have been working on these hats all summer, knitting a row here or there as I have found time - on hot days when the sturdy wool was in odd contrast to the growing heat around us. This wool has joined me in the spots that have marked our summer: the passenger seat en route to the beach; poolside; the playground bench; the hammock. These hats have already seen good times, and I hope that some of the summer energy goes with them and the love that went into them in quiet, reflective stitches.

While the births of these babes was a wee bit early, something felt right today about sending those hats out of our hands and into their world, just as we prepare for the cooler weather to come. And we hope that they will keep those sweet little heads a little bit warmer and everyone a little cozier this winter after they get home from their extended hospital stay.

Of course, it wasn't that easy to get them out the door this afternoon. The third, larger hat is for their big brother, who is a whopping 15-months-old. Audrey took one look at his hat and decided it needed a thorough fitting, complete with a chase around the house as I tried to take pictures. I couldn't help but oblige. There is just something about that girl in blue hats. Looks like I'll be pulling out the knitting needles again.

These three hats were made using Claire Montgomerie's Cotton Hat pattern in Easy Baby Knits. I used Moda Dea's Silk n' Wool Blend yarn in Aquatic, Plum, and some gray color (lost the label) and Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool in Nature's Brown. For those of you about to bang your head against the wall at the mentioning, again, of this book (or for you already in the process), I have good news. This summer I picked up a new book and have a new project from it to show you. Soon.

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