Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter on Its Way

We have been in Easter production mode this week. Easter season, like so many things this year (the first buds of Spring, our dog's annual round of shots, Preschool Registration!!!) has come steadily upon us in plain sight, and yet, taken me completely by surprise. My fingers can't move fast enough, the day doesn't move slow enough, and the laundry and clutter seem to magically be reproducing themselves.

Ironically, even as I adopt the mantra "less than one week, less than one week," it is the work - finding a quiet half hour in the morning to sew and use the washing machine as a quick-to-reach makeshift ironing board (not advised in the owner's manual, I'm sure) or cutting out pieces of paper to assemble Easter cards one-by-one - that allows me a moment to stop, to rest, to rewrite that mantra.

Luckily, my little one is happy to help this week, busying herself with her own artwork and even sleeping in an extra twenty minutes this morning. Even so, there is no guarantee that the gifts with be finished on time, or the cards written in by Easter (and, I'm sure that the next holiday will come on looking like a slow-moving steam engine from afar until it barrels by me, knocking the wind out of me again); but for now I am convincing myself that the best gifts are the late ones that extend the celebration just a little longer and I'm putting gifts on hold to go use the washing machine, you know, for it's intended purpose.

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