Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Destination: Mongolia

Here it is: the Mongolian hat. For those of you with no idea as to what I'm talking about, back in March I pledged that as soon as I finished Audrey's Easter sweater, I would knit a hat for the Dulaan Project. I finished this little blue number over the weekend.

The original pattern, The Cotton Hat pattern from Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie, called for a striped pattern, but I loved this blue yarn so much, I decided it was interesting enough on its own. I love the pattern the decreases make at the top. Rather than use the cotton the pattern suggested, I opted for a merino wool/alpaca/silk blend. My goal was to keep a kid warmer through a winter where -40 degrees isn't unheard of. Cotton wasn't going to cut it.

Audrey graciously modeled the hat last night to make sure it passed inspection before we put it in the mail. Since it was a simple weekend project, and since there are still several weekends until the July 1st deadline for this year's Dulaan shipment, I might try to squeeze in a few more hats before I make the trip to the post office. Of course, I might also have to go buy another skein of this blue yarn to make a hat for Audrey for next year. What can I say, I love a girl in a blue hat, especially this little girl.

[For those of you wondering if Easy Baby Knits is the only knitting book I own, you would be correct. I have another knitting book in my possession (on loan from my sister) that is a glossary of stitches, per se, and last week I was given a gift of a knitting kit that includes cards with knit patterns on them (Thanks, Allens!). For those of you wondering if I'm just working my way through the book one-pattern-at-time, possibly. I have been known to read magazines cover-to-cover, regardless of if I'm interested in all the articles. As a kid, I used to eat meals one side at a time, beginning with my least favorite and working my way around the plate, ending with my favorite. So, it's highly possible (and my favorite pattern in the book has yet to be attempted). Guess you'll have to stay tuned and sorry for the repetition.]

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  1. I'm the same way! I have 1 baby blanket crochet book, and I've been working blankets off in it for almost 10 years, rarely straying to another book. On occasion, I'll just do an entire blanket of straight Double Crochets or half doubles, if the yarn can stand on it's own, but that's about it.