Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Birthday Bag

Today is a sweet little one's birthday: my namesake to be exact. She is vibrant and full of sunshine (as all Kristins are, I assure you). And four. Oh my. Thinking upon four and all its mystery, I snuck away to the guest room, where the sewing machine lives, Monday night. I searched through my fabric stash, selecting one modern print and a floral print passed on from my mother's stash (and most likely decades old) to mine. Then I got to work on a little bag - the artsy clutch from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. The clutch is a no-fuss lined bag and fastens with a button and elastic cording. Just right for a no-fuss four-year-old with treasures to collect and store.

Morning light revealed a complete project and a few flaws that escaped the veil of nighttime lighting. The sweet little flowers that I had thought were yellow the night before are actually orange, which I think looks just fine. What doesn't look so fine are the brown spots left behind by an overzealous iron on the lining fabric. One spot was visible on the outside through a white spot. I covered it with a button and then threw on a couple of others for some four-year-old flair. As for the others, I'm telling myself that they are on the lining of a four-year-old's bag, a child whose name does not end with Bagley or Mischka, who (if anything like her namesake at four) will promptly fill the bag with dirt-covered rocks. (I'm also telling myself it's time to invest in a lamp). Oh four. The adventures to be had, the memories to collect...

*The butterfly hair clip was inspired by one I noticed as Audrey was getting her hair cut at a children's salon.


  1. I totally tried this bag! It inspired my "bag clutches". I love that book!! Have you made anything else???

  2. I haven't tried any thing else from the book yet. But I do think an elf hat is in order for the trunk of dress-up stuff I want to give Audrey this year. You know, once I find a trunk. :)