Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mission Organization

One of my goals this year is to become more organized. I keep telling myself that were this to happen, I would become that efficient-everything-is-right-at-her-fingertips-lady who arrives places looking refreshed rather than the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants while hoping that somehow I'll have all the supplies in my car to pull off a Macgyver-esque save (Swiss army knife, shoelace, and a flashlight battery anyone?) when I realize I've forgotten the item I must have once I get to my destination. Five minutes late. Again.

Yes. Denial runs deep. We're not even going to talk about how it is already September and I haven't moved forward on this goal one iota. Until last weekend.

My parents came over on Saturday, bringing with them tools, food, and a whole lot of gumption. While my Mom watched Audrey and spent the day feeding everyone, my Dad built some selves in this odd little nook in our guest bedroom closet (as seen in the first picture). As I helped - by which I mean I sat outside the closet keeping my Father company and finishing a knitting project. Meanwhile, Jason worked on landscaping and using up the last of our eight yards of mulch that has taken up the driveway all summer long.

It was like a vacation day with a sprinkling of fairy dust - where you sit around doing a fun project, and yet somehow all the things that need to get done that day do, without you lifting a finger. Seriously. A day for the record books.

My Dad measured, sawed, leveled, and installed some wooden brackets then topped them with shelves, and finished them off with a nice trim detail. Now they need a coat of paint and to be stocked with two closets-worth of odds and ends I've been meaning to sort through.

You know, so I can start leaving the Swiss army knife at home.

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