Sunday, September 6, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 35

Last week there was much talk of milestones in our house. As we get closer to our little girl taking some big steps forward, we witness her declaring her independence in new and sometimes funny ways. Here's a glimpse into last week:

On Sunday, Audrey was very excited to attend the birthday party of her friend, Thad. Now at the age where she realizes that birthdays are a day-long celebration of the person born that day, she's decided that she can't wait for hers. On the drive home we explained she was born in November. In a sing-song voice she said, "November, November. Can you say birthday party? Will you sing to me?"

This week Audrey starts preschool one day a week. We've only talked about school briefly and I'm not sure if Audrey really understands what school is. But she has decided it's something to be excited about. On Monday she galloped around the kitchen singing, "Next week I go to school!"

As we talk about going to school, we've also been talking about the importance of big girls sitting on the potty to go to the bathroom every time they need to go. Always ready with the encouragement, Audrey has taken to clapping for me this week after I go potty, followed by an enthusiastic, "I know you could do it!"

Jason and I have been struggling with sinus issues this week. (Luckily, Audrey seems unaffected, other than her disappointment when we're not up to playing at normal speed). Monday night Jason came home with a sinus headache, which caused him to sprawl out on the floor a few steps into the doorway in hopes of getting a few minutes rest. Of course, Audrey took this as an open invitation to tackle him, during which I explained Daddy didn't feel well and was taking a break. On Tuesday, I looked over to find Audrey lying in the same spot. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "I don't feel good like Daddy. I'm taking a break."

Thursday night we were able to go to an open house at Audrey's school and meet her teachers. When we asked if Audrey was excited to meet her teachers (while walking up to the school) she asked, "Do they live here?"

Friday morning I asked Audrey to pray with me. She said, "No. I'm doing my own," followed by a slew of words in a language I (nor any human) has ever heard. Who knew she could speak in tongues?

As we begin Audrey's foray into school and inch closer (let's please just inch forward) toward that big third birthday, we can only imagine the explanations, dreams, and challenges of her growing independence to come. It makes us happy for three-day weekends with more time to just relax as a family. And busy ourselves just taking it all in.

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