Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Halloween Dress

So this is a bit premature. I wasn't going to post about this until Halloween, but this little costume has been such a part of our days lately, that I've begun to feel a little remiss in not mentioning it. Sorry for the early holiday intrusion.

She calls it her Halloween Dress. It's the costume I've been working on five minutes at a time, here and there. Each time she has caught me with the orange felt she has asked, "Are you working on my costume?" After I answered yes, she would smile and say, "Thanks for making me a costume, mommy." Can we just freeze that moment? Seriously.

I finished it over the weekend, and it's been a part of her wardrobe ever since: she stayed in her "dress" while she cooked for the stuffed animals in the playroom yesterday afternoon and then grabbed the "hat" for a visit out to the garden last night. Of course, she will probably grow completely bored of it by Halloween night. But, who can refuse a toddler's request to wear her Halloween Dress?

And, for those of you still trying to figure it out - it's a carrot. Yes, I know, what little girl doesn't dream of cruising the neighborhood on Halloween as a carrot while her friends are dressed in tutus as fairies and princesses? But I had a small mound of left-over orange felt given to me by my mother, who used it for a pumpkin costume for my little sister some twenty-odd years ago. Naturally, I did the thing any frugalista mama with free orange felt does. I turned my daughter into a carrot. While I still can. And, while she'll still thank me for it.

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