Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello Fall

This morning we drove on a quiet curving road through still-green trees. But the small corduroy jacket in the seat beside me to keep out the chill of 30 mile per hour winds told a different story. We arrived at Anderson Orchard to find it alive with school children, eager to tumble out of their bus and stretch their legs and minds amidst the trees. Audrey, and two of her friends, were equally eager to stretch, run under the trees, and play among the fruit. Audrey turned out to be quite the proficient apple picker, quickly filling our small bag. (Although, her picking style looks a little more like, ahem, wrestling with the tree than gently plucking the fruit from it).

In fact, she seemed to like apple harvesting so much, I decided to opt for buying a smaller bag than I had planned, thinking a second trip to the orchard might be just what we need. You just gotta love seconds.

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