Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 37

As we tiptoe toward three (okay, I'm tiptoeing, Audrey's sprinting in cleats) I have a feeling that this coming year will be one of embracing and seeking out her own roles in this family/world and staking her claim to her own perfectly-Audrey identity. What gives me this inkling? Let's just say she's become very adept at telling us what she wants and expressing her version of a situation as she sees it. Here are a few of her observations and declarations from this week:

On Sunday she screamed, "You're a good man, Daddy!" after he asked if she would like to go to the park.

My parents came by on Monday to help me with a project. While I painted a bedroom with my father, my mom took Audrey on a walk. When they returned, Audrey found the bedroom door had been shut and locked (I was standing behind it on a ladder, paintbrush in hand). Realizing that she couldn't open the door, she began knocking and yelled, "It's me!" We tried to explain that she couldn't come in because of the ladder, but she just keep insisting, "It's me! It's me!"

The two of us were making pizza dough on Wednesday afternoon. We were about to add olive oil to the dough mixture when I couldn't get the cap off of the brand new bottle. Audrey watched for a minute before saying, "Maybe Daddy can help you when he gets home."

Thursday, Audrey pointed out a fresh boo-boo to me and then put her bartering skills to the test by asking, "Can I get a Pop Tart for my boo-boo?"

On Friday she put a new twist on Jason's nightly inquiry, "Are you my pancake?" when she asked, "Is Emmy my banana?" (Emmy is our dog).

Saturday, Jason caught her reading Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Places You Will Go to herself. She was turned to the page that reads, "Wherever you fly, you'll be best of the best." But Audrey's version went like this, "If you can fly, you'll be the best."

Daily our little girl strives to leave her mark: wanting to do more and more on her own, asking us to push her higher, and telling us who she is and what she will be. And, just as sure as we are that those footprints and handprints decorating every once-clean surface of the house will just get bigger (much too quickly), we're also sure, if given a little time, this one will find a way to fly - Audrey-style.

**I can't believe I forgot this story from last week when I posted this Saturday. On Tuesday, Audrey and I were walking Emmy. We passed some construction, and a couple dumpsters. Midway through the walk Audrey told me she was going to run away to a dumpster and get dirty. I laughed and told her that that sounded pretty accurate to me.

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