Monday, June 8, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 22

Daddy lending a hand helping Audrey decorate a bag at a kid's carnival over the weekend.

I had a sweet surprise this weekend. Jason had started to dance me around the kitchen when I remembered I hadn't blogged yet. "I'll do it," he said, and took a seat next to my laptop. As Jason blogged, I took a knitting break to work on a hat. I loved being able to read his perspective of the week for a change. Now here are just a few Audrey-isms from last week that I want to write down before I forget:

On Sunday we ran up to Jason's office so he could get a little work done. We decided to eat lunch while we were up there. I thought I remembered a particular restaurant, which sounded really good to me that day, being close by. Jason drove and we unsuccessfully searched for the restaurant while discussing other restaurants that we could eat at, instead. Audrey, sensing that things weren't going quite as I had planned, said, "Mama, you want to drive?"

On Tuesday we made a grocery store run. There were several items on my list and Audrey had been pretty patient during our search. I thought we had grabbed the last item and made the mistake of telling her we were headed home as I pushed the cart to the check-out. At the counter, I realized a package of cheese was torn open. I wheeled the cart around to get a new one and she began yelling, "No! No! Go home! Go home!" When we got back to the check-out with the new cheese, I realized I had forgotten to put an item on our list. I turned back around. Audrey changed from words to full-out horror-movie-audition screaming, at which point I turned into a Supermarket Sweep contestant racing through the aisles. Lesson learned: don't tell her we're headed home until we're in the parking lot.

Wednesday, she leaned into me and said, "You're beautiful." Of course, she had a vice grip on the necklace I was wearing (a gift from her father on the day she was born), which is very beautiful. So, I don't know to which one of us the comment was intended.

Later that day, after some typical toddler misbehaving, I was lecturing about the importance of obeying the rules. Trying to take a new approach, I used a favorite cartoon of hers as an analogy. In this cartoon, Buzby the Bee gets the entire garden in trouble when he doesn't obey the garden rules, letting a dangerous bull frog into the garden. I reminded her of the cartoon and how it was important for Buzby to follow the rules to keep everyone safe. I told her it was important for her to follow the rules, too, and that not following the rules would get her in trouble. When I finished she said, "I can't get in the movie. I'm too big."

Thursday, she was being her normal self. "Audrey, you're so cute," I couldn't help but say. She looked at me and said, "You're cute, too."

I hope you enjoyed hearing from my "guest blogger" on Friday, and I hope you spend your days with someone so willing to offer you a hand and take on your work every now and then. Here's to the start of a brand new week!

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