Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Love Dirt!

This weekend we got outside in the dirt and began the business of planting our garden. As with any experience this Spring, Audrey finds a way to make it new. Saturday's planting involved her first close-up encounter with a worm. She was fascinated, and while she refused to touch it, she requested that Jason and I find more for her all afternoon.

Rather than using her shovel to plant, Audrey dug for worms as Jason and I filled our garden with some plants found at a local gardening center, a pot of basil purchased at Saturday's farmer's market,

and a few little seedlings we had started in the house. There are a few more things we'd like to add as we find some time this week to get out and get dirty again. Audrey helped me drop the last few zucchini seeds into the ground as the sky grew cloudy.

Then, upon seeing the camera, she dropped her gloves and took off. Because, as exciting as worms and playing in the dirt are, photography is really where it's at.

So here is her garden experience from behind the lens. Of course, she chose to take pictures of those items that interested her most:

My gardening bag, empty by this point after I cleared out all of the items I was afraid of her getting into and she, of course, found uses for the rest.

The small stakes used to label our plants, which Audrey thought were great fun to remove and run around the yard with. I expect the garden to be completely void of these and the yard to be littered with them within the week.

It was a full day: some fresh air, fresh plants, fresh perspective, and the hope for a harvest to come.

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  1. Hey Kristin ! We planted our garden this weekend as well! I LOVE watching our garden grow and enjoying the vegetables in my salads !

    I have some seeds I want to share with Audrey! I will send them with Jason tomorrow.
    My favorites are morning glory flowers. They are gorgeous and grow really fast.

    PS - We need to challenge Jason to a cookie bake-off or a homemade chicken soup AND chocolate chip cookie baske-off !