Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Birthday Sewing

Over the weekend, we saw my sister and dropped off her birthday gift (a little belated). It's a Gratitude Wrap. The free pattern can be found here at Amanda Blake Soule's blog. Look under the left column in the "For You" section. Of course, not being capable of following directions to the letter, I changed a few things. Soule's version uses binding tape around the outside of the wrap in addition to the ties that secure the wrap. Binding tape and I not being the best of friends, I opted for sewing around the edges of the wrap when they were faced right sides together (leaving a small opening on one side), turning the wrap inside-out, and topstitiching "1/2 around the wrap with contrasting brown thread. Then, I slipstitched the small opening closed and attached a shiny brown ribbon as a tie. I secured the ribbon so it would wind all the way around the wrap in one long piece rather than using two pieces, one at each side.

The intent of the Gratitude Wrap is to keep all the materials needed to write a thank you card (or any card) in one tidy place. With pockets for an address book, stamps, and cards and a pen, a busy gal can take her correspondence on the road or at least save herself 15 minutes of rifling through drawers. But what I really love is its sweet little name, because gratitude is exactly what I feel for each of the ladies for whom I've made these.

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