Friday, May 8, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 18

From the Mouths of Babes:

Nothing astounds us more right now than the phrases that come out of Audrey's mouth (usually comprised of words we had no idea she knew the meaning of, or ones we deliberately don't use around her). Here is a sampling of our favorite phrases this week:

"Mama, you my best friend." [Said as I was helping her wipe on the potty. I have to agree with her logic, one would hope this is the sort of task you entrust only to your best friend.]

"I want stick bread." [In reference to bread sticks at lunch.]

"I don't deserve that." [Her response to being told she had to go to time out.]

"Big poop, amen!" [As I changed her dirty diaper. And yes, she wasn't kidding about the size. I will never think of the phrase, "Can I get an amen?" the same again.]

"I have a butt. Daddy has a butt. Emmy has a butt." [We're not really sure where this came from since we refer to butts around her as "bums". In "Finding Nemo," when asked what a boat is, one of the characters said, "I know, it's a butt." We can only hope that Audrey doesn't think we're each sporting some sort of water craft where our behinds should be. And, if so, let's hope she's thinking something along the lines of a skiff rather than an ocean liner, ahem.]

"Audrey a good climber." [Said after climbing some playground equipment to get to a slide. While Jason was stunned that she knew to add an "er" to her verb (something that I had completely missed), I was thinking of how accurate a statement this is. Just this afternoon, Audrey brought her rock wall-climbing skills to a new arena when she used the kitchen cabinet pulls as foot grips and scaled the island. This summer we're taking her on tour, the Cirque de Audrey, with stops at emergency rooms near you.]

Every day is a new experience, a new word learned, and a new reason for me to fear parent-teacher conference day come preschool in the fall. Who knew when we brought this little one home 2-and-a-half years ago that we would laugh so much, marvel so much, and eagerly await her reactions to the littlest of firsts, such as the first time she realizes that burnt popcorn tastes and smells so bad. Who knows what she'll say. We can hardly wait.

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