Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As the ice stays solid outside, we're holding solid inside, with a few trusty tools:

:: A good stock of snacks (a large batch of granola and granola bars, pulled fresh from the oven last night) and hearty meals that speak warmth regardless of what the view from the window says.

:: Creative projects to keep our hands (especially the little hands) busy (and the house quiet during Jason's conference calls). We began our homemade Valentines this afternoon by cutting hearts from old shopping bags colored perfectly for the occasion.

:: And a little celebration, no matter how silly or small it may be. Tonight, we wore hats to dinner. I found the hat template here. Technically, it's a hedgehog, not a groundhog. Yes, there is a difference. Next year, we might worry a bit more about authenticity. This year, we just worried about smiles. Perhaps, next year we should also worry about the poor dears losing a limb once their excited recipient gets his tiny - and so quick - hands on them. Ah, details - how would we build a warm day without them?

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