Monday, April 26, 2010

A Bag, A Bouquet, A Birthday

Yesterday I mentioned that we got a full dose of weekend, complete with a little bit of celebrating. My older, yet, younger-looking (I'm not just saying this, a few years ago she was asked if she was going to prom while having her nails done. My sister had gone to prom - a decade or so before) sister had a birthday. I had a present in the works. My sister and brother-in-law, like many of us with little kids and a sudden excess of "stuff," have been trying to reorganize and simplify things around their house. Both are neat by nature, so I was aiming for a gift that might be of some use, not just one more thing to organize or toss out later.

I settled on what I'll call produce bags - part mesh/part printed fabric with a drawstring and toggle closure. My goal was to make a set of three in different sizes with different fabrics that she could take to the farmer's market, the store, or even the beach to collect shells with her son - the possibilities are a bit endless. My free time, however, was not. I finished one bag before we stopped by her house to wish her a happy birthday. What's a little sister to do when her project comes up short? Grab a bouquet of her sister's favorite flowers and go on her celebrating way. Luckily, big sisters tend to grant their much less-organized little sisters a little leeway. Just one more thing to celebrate.

*I wish I could tell you where I got the inspiration for the bag. I saw it somewhere, most likely a book or magazine. In my idea pile was a simple sketch and some dimensions, halfway written down, which means I must have been interrupted by a certain toddler before I finished writing down the dimensions or a description of the directions. Sorry for the dark picture. What can I say, that's the quality you get when the photographer, ahem, forgets to take a picture until riding in the backseat of a car to her sister's house, sandwiched by her babes, on a cloudy rainy day.

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