Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Since Audrey is off playing with a friend, Nate and I decided to check out a little antique shop we often pass, hoping to find that perfect birthday dress-up trunk.

I can't help but stop when I see a pile of quilts and think about the hours - planning, sewing, snuggling, fort-constructing - stacked within that cupboard. And marvel at the beauty built into each stitch, each well-crafted moment.

If the price tag hadn't made me set this impressive red engine back down ever so carefully, I might think that this truck belongs under our Christmas tree.

My favorite find in the entire store was this very round-handled rolling pin. Such a good weight in my hands and soft against my palms. Had I been shopping for me, this would have found a home in our kitchen.

And finally, tucked into the last corner of the store, we found this - purchased by the owner just last week. It's fancy. Mighty, mighty fancy. Maybe a little too fancy for a trunk that I'm hoping gets approached and used with wreckless abandon. But you never know...

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