Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter White

My toddler doesn't share my views on hibernation. She spent the morning peeking out the window at the foot of freshly fallen snow, making clear her intentions to go "out (where it was) raining snowmen." Attempting to keep her occupied until her Dad could get home to partake in her first big snow outing, we got busy making a little something white and fluffy of our own - indoors-style. Audrey decided to put her own, ahem, touch on things. Let's hope her Dad doesn't mind. We finished up the cake (made for our favorite guy) just as he got home and started pulling out our snow gear. Somewhere in the middle of piling on the gloves, hats, and snow pants, I shed my hibernation hum-bug and started looking forward to heading out in the cold. What can I say, there's something about a two-year-old sporting a snowsuit and ponytail that just gets me.

Winter White: Inside

Winter White: Outside

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