Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Internal GPS

Have you ever gone the wrong way on purpose? Today, I did. Upon leaving the children's museum, twice that voice in my head said "turning here will send you in the direction of home," but I was never in the right lane to make an easy turn. Instead of trying to squeeze my way in and force a turn, I kept straight until I had driven several blocks and a right turn was easy. [My hope was that since I was working with numbered streets, I wouldn't be lost for long]. I passed a college I had never seen before with beautiful old buildings. A civic theatre with a roof reminiscent of Spanish tile looked as if it had been plucked from the southern hemisphere and placed in a snow globe. Had I taken either of those first turns, I would have missed those views that made me take a few more deep breaths, pay a little more attention to my surroundings, and gave me more time to linger on the sweet snapshots in my mind from the day: Audrey's surprise at getting a cheekful of water when she misjudged the drinking fountain, her wide smile on the carousel, and her giggles when splashing herself with water from the Scienceworks exhibit. And while it added a few minutes to our trip, sometimes you have to ignore the price of gas, or the voice in your head telling you you need to get somewhere, and enjoy the sunshine and your content toddler before the moment passes you by. Sometimes a wrong turn is just right.

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