Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey, Sugar!

We had to get out (of the house that is): somewhere warm enough for us to walk and let Audrey stretch her legs while tethered to a leashed harness masquerading as a monkey backpack. Is there any other way to travel? So Saturday, we headed to an indoor mall with lots of room to exercise the longest and shortest legs among us.

We perused the home furnishing stores, I bagged two sweaters and a shirt on the cheap, and Jason ogled a SONY while Audrey made friends with every stranger she met. We discovered a zoo indoors when Audrey spotted some fish swimming across a floor-model television and Jason spied a set of circus pancake molds shaped like elephants, lions, and monkeys at Williams-Sonoma, which sadly had sold out two hours before we arrived. But this sadness quickly abated when I discovered recipe cards free for the taking with dishes like Chicken and Artichoke Skillet Lasagna, Pulled Pork Biscuit Sliders (could this be more Jason?), and Waffle S'mores. I quickly pocketed nine while watching the sales ladies out of the corners of my eyes and wondering if they found me to be something of a recipe whore.

Heading out of the mall with our appetites much closer than our house, we spotted a Blondies Cookies. We stopped. We smelled. We got taken. We each picked out a sweet treat: a brownie for Jason, a chocolate chip cookie for Audrey, and an iced sugar cookie for me. The lady behind the counter stacked them up on a scale and pronounced them worth a cool $6.02. I thought, for $3 more, I just bought a sweater.

So what do you do with a $2 cookie? You savor it. You chew. A lot. You try bites of each others' cookies and savor them. You claim you picked the best cookies/brownies in the entire store, possibly the universe. You reminisce about a small chocolate shop in your hometown (long out-of-business) that you used to walk to as a kid with a few dollars in your pocket and buy chocolates with your friends. The whole experience seemed magical: a shop that smelled entirely of freshly melted and crafted chocolate, rows of chocolate individually skirted in their own wrappers, the ones you chose tucked into a golden box with a golden bow, you leaving the store feeling as if you had just found the golden ticket. You talk about how all specialty chocolate and cookie shops have this affect on you. And then you stop talking to savor the last bite.

But before you do any of this, you take a picture with your camera phone because, you know, it last longer.

And to all of you who have had such kind words about this new blog venture of mine, I thank you. I feel as though someone has just handed me a lovely heart-shaped confection, with icing on top. :)

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  1. Kristin, i was looking for the Chicken and artichoke skillet lasagna recipe at the store and couldnt find it, i was wondering if you could copy it and post it here or e-mail it to me at
    I would really appreciate it if you could send it to me, thank you!!