Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celebrating the One

32 Reasons to Celebrate Jason:
1. Birds dig him.
2. He always offers me the last sip of his hot chocolate.
3. He opens my car door.
4. When I don't feel like it, he does my math.
5. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful, perfect, or that he loves me.
6. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell Audrey that she's beautiful, smart, or that he loves her.
7. He took apart a couch we weren't using and turned it into a fort.
8. There was a time when we lived 3 states apart and he would see me off to the airport with fresh bread he had made himself.
9. Before he makes fun of me, he makes fun of himself.
10. He went outside while I was complaining about how cold it was and strung the Christmas lights.
11. He seems prouder of my accomplishments than I am.
12. He can walk on his hands and make cool spreadsheets, but not at the same time.
13. He shares bath duty and story time.
14. He makes a mean omelet.
15. He loved me when I was scrawny with braces and frizzy hair (oh, wait - I still have frizzy hair).
16. He says thank you when I make dinner.
17. It should not be humanly possible to recite that many Weird Al lyrics, even for Weird Al.
18. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive.
19. He eats the burnt pancakes.
20. He makes killer animal noises.
21. When I got stung by a jellyfish, he offered to pee on me - and then didn't.
22. No matter how much he has, he has always given to others.
23. He makes even the worst days better.
24. He takes on responsibility like he's 50 and plays like he's 12.
25. He can pull off a mohawk.
26. He finds joy in the simple things: White Castles, tossing a football around, the return of "Lost" and "Chuck."
27. He owns up to his mistakes.
28. When you own up to your mistakes, he usually takes half the blame to make you feel better, whether he deserves to or not.
29. He gives great hugs.
30. He makes people laugh, even those who make it a habit not to.
31. If he had super powers, he would use them for good.
32. Today he turns 32. If you see him, give him a squeeze and tell him "Happy Birthday."


  1. Happy Birthday Jason!  Should have known that you and Greg are both bird guys!Jill

  2. Happy birthday. Next year, we can add a 33rd reason to love Jason. That reason is the superior customizing abilities of Jason. As in, when he added the markings on the wall of the garage while parking the car, or the detached railing on the porch when he parks his bike in a place where the homeowner is sure to run into the bike with his car.
    David Ott
    Susan says, "Jason gives good hugs."

  3. Jason, you don't give good give great hugs that lift the spirit, bolster confidence and give sunshine to the day! I love you !!!!! Happy happy birthday! susan

  4. That is so wonderful how you both respect one another, and so openly. What a great family! All three of you are very special. :^)